Elemental and Figurative Forms:
Sculpture in Cornwall from 1940 to the present day.

This lecture gives an overview of sculpture made by artists in Cornwall from Barbara Tribe, Dame Barbara Hepworth, Naum Gabo, Peter Lanyon, Rosamund Fletcher, Reece Ingram, Dennis Mitchell, David Kemp, Ray Exworth, Paul Mount, Tim Shaw RA, and automata by Paul Spooner and Keith Newstead amongst others.

Etched in Land and Face:
Printmaking in Cornwall from 1940s to present day.

Printmaking has been part of artistic practice for artists in Cornwall from Peter Lanyon, Barbara Hepworth and Patrick Heron. Many well known artists also came to Cornwall to work with the late Hugh Stoneman, his bequest at Falmouth Art gallery is a rich source for this lecture. We also look at contemporary printmakers such as Jesse Leroy Smith, John Howard RE and Rachel Kantaris. They have all found both the landscape and the people of Cornwall an inspiration for their particular art form.

St. Ives:
From Representation to Abstraction 1890s - 1950s.

This lecture looks at the original art colony of St. Ives which focused on marine and landscape art and how the shift from representation to abstraction occurred in the 1940s and 50s. It introduces artists such as Julius Olsson, Borlase Smart, Leonard Fuller, Alfred Wallis, Ben Nicholson, Christopher Wood, Peter Lanyon, Barns-Graham, Bryan Wynter and Barbara Hepworth.

The Figurative Tradition:
Painters from Falmouth School of Art 1950 – 2000.

This lecture features the important painters who came from the figurative tradition of Coldstream and the Slade School of Art who then taught at Falmouth School of Art from 1950 - 1990. Artists include Jack Chalker, Francis Hewlett RWA, Diane Ibbotson, Robert Jones, Ray Atkins and Tom Cross. It also features some of Falmouth’s students who continue that tradition today including William Ashley Hold RWA, Judy Buxton and Danny Markey RWA.
Keith Newstead amongst others.

The Innocent Eye:
Naïve art in Cornwall from Alfred Wallis to Christopher Tate.

This lecture surveys the primitive art of both genuine Naïve and pseudo-naïve painters who have lived and worked in Cornwall including Alfred Wallis, Bryan Pearce, Joan Gilchrest, Fred Yates, Tom Early and Julian Dyson. We also look at contemporary painters such as John Dyer and Christopher Tate.

The Sound of the Sea:
Plein air painting revival in Contemporary Cornish art.

This lecture includes a selection of contemporary landscape painters who have created a revival in plein air painting in Cornish art the last 40 years. Artists featured are Ken Howard RA, Kurt Jackson, Neil Pinkett, Paul Lewin, Benjamin Warner, Paul Wadsworth, Andrew Tozer and Jenny Shaw-Browne.

The View from Within:
Cornish Abstraction : Landscape and Spiritualism.

This lecture looks at the influence of abstract expressionism from America on Cornish artists in the 1950s and how they used it to express the Cornish landscape. We also look at spiritualism in Cornish art. Artists include Peter Lanyon, Patrick Heron, Paul Feiler, Sir Terry Frost, W. Barns-Graham, Michael Finn, Tony O’Malley and, Brean O’Casey.





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B. Pearce, Queen of the Isles, first vist to St. Ives © Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery
P. Lanyon, Portreath
T. Shaw, La Corrida - Dreams in Red ©Tim Shaw
F. Hewlett - The Greenbank Hotel (detail) © Falmouth Art Gallery
J. Howard, Rock Study II © John Howard
P. Lewin, Summer Sea, Rushy Bay, Tresco © Paul Lewin
B. Nicholson, Mousehole, © British Council