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The Cornish Coast in Art - A topographical tour from Turner to the Present Day

This lecture/Study Day takes you on a journey through time round the coast of Cornwall with paintings and engravings made in the 18th  and early 19th centuries by artists such as J.M.W. Turner, Clarkson Stansfield and William Daniell  through the era of impressionism and expressionism with artists such as  Terrick Williams and Oskar Kokoschka to contemporary artists such as Jamie Medlin and Andrew Tozer. The lecture/study day includes artists who lived in different geographical areas of Cornwall. From the Lizard: Victorian watercolourist Thomas Hart and his sons are included as is the surrealist painter John Tunnard and the artist Bryan Ingham. From Falmouth:C. N. Hemy, H.S. Tuke, W. A. Ingram, A. Wilde Parsons and Charles Pears. From Newlyn and Mousehole - Stanhope Forbes, Percy Craft, Joan Gillchrest  and Jack Pender. From St. Ives in the 19th century Julius Olsson, Louis Grier, Algernon Talmage, Mary McCrossan and John A. Park to the 20th century with Alfred Wallis, Borlase Smart, Christopher Wood, Ben and Winifred Nicholson with many more.

Falmouth Maritime Masters: Hemy, Tuke and Ingram

In this lecture the work of three internationally recognised maritime artists who lived and worked in the  coastal port of Falmouth, Cornwall is surveyed. Beginning with the artist Charles Napier  Hemy RA (1841 - 1917) whose depictions of the fishermen, lifeboats, tall ships and racing yachts in Falmouth harbour were captured on canvas from the water on his floating studio. Henry Scott Tuke RA(1858 - 1929) also used boats to paint from and  even converted an old French brigantine  to paint pictures of sailors working and resting onboard. He also  documented the last days of sail in the 1920s with his masterful watercolours of tall ships. William Ayerst Ingram (1855 - 1913) who was a key figure in establishing international connections for so many Cornish/ Uk artists in Australia, was also a keen yachtsman and his knowledge of the sea, its wide open horizons and changing colours in certain lights were described with great skill in his paintings.

Art, Fish and Sail

This talk looks at the broader relationship between art and the fishing industry in Cornwall. It is illustrated  with the paintings of Newlyn School artists such as Walter Langley, Percy Craft and Stanhope Forbes alongside Falmouth painters such as C.N. Hemy, and H.S. Tuke and their love of sailing.

Alfred Wallis: Naïve Painter and Modernist Inspiration

This lecture looks at the genuine naive painter and his  unusual art work. We look at how to read his paintings and identity the coastline he is depicting  as well as how he inspired the St. Ives Modernists Ben Nicholson, Winifred Nicholson, W. Barnes- Graham and Christopher Wood.





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Along Shore Fisherman Hemy
Along Shore Fisherman Hemy