History of Crafts in Cornwall

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The History of Crafts in Cornwall (1880s – Present Day)

In this 7 week course Catherine Wallace gives an overview of the decorative arts in Cornwall using different materials as headings for each session.

The course starts with ceramics and looks at some of the many historic potteries including the Leach pottery in Cornwall. Then in a separate session we look at just some of the many contemporary ceramicists who make fine art and functional pots, tiles and jewellery in Cornwall today.

There is a session on metal work including Newlyn copper bringing it up to date with contemporary silversmiths and jewellery makers.

Textiles and knitwear are surveyed looking at the historic Cryséde printed silks industry  to modern day weavers, dyers and knitters.

Makers who use wood as their primary medium from turning bowls to making bespoke furniture as well as automata is a focus.

There is also a detailed look at printmakers who have worked in Cornwall such as Geoffrey Garnier and Alfred Hartley and those who continue today to make hand made etchings, silkscreen, woodcuts and lino cuts. 

Glass in all its forms from blown glass to fused glass is included as well as sculptors who use a variety of materials such as stone, wood, ceramics and metal. The course ends with practical demos by makers or visits to their studios at an additional cost.

Dates and Venues of The History of Crafts in Cornwall (1880s – Present Day) Course

Saturdays 10.30 – 12.30am 
13 January – 2 March 2024 (there was no lecture on 20 January due to illness)
Truro Library, Pydar St, Truro

Cost £150 for 7 weeks or £25 per week

Tuesdays 10.30 – 12.30pm 16 January – 12 March 2024 on Zoom (no lecture on 5 March) or recorded on YouTube.

Cost £150 for 7 weeks

The Lectures

16 Jan 2024

£25 Zoom or YouTube video

30 Jan 2024

£25 Zoom or YouTube video

6 Feb 2024

£25 Zoom or YouTube video

13 Feb 2024

£25 Zoom or YouTube video

20 Feb 2024

£25 Zoom or YouTube video

27 Feb 2024

£25 Zoom or YouTube video

12 March 2024

£25 Zoom or YouTube video

Image credits for Cornish Crafts Lecture 1- Leaping Salmon Vase by Bernard Leach, 1960. Lecture 2 – Vanadium Overload by Lynda Styles. Lecture 3 – Newlyn Copper Charger by Mackenzie and Holder ©Penlee House. Lecture 4 – Wool Cloth Natural Dyes by Vivien Prideaux. Lecture 5 – Aglaia’s Chest by Scott Woyka. Lecture 6 – Rock Study Falmouth etching by John Howard. Lecture 7 – Pelican, Marble by Reece Ingram.